Cant obtain a lock

I am using the Reach RS with an Event38 E384 Drone - all preconfigured.

Ive been using the drone for going on 2 weeks now, and not once have been able to obtain usable data for PPK.
As you can imagine, im getting a little bit frustrated.

Asides from the issues with the drone itself, I was told to allow my reach to warm up for 30 minutes before flight to establish a satellite lock.

Well I have been doing this and still not having any luck.

I have allowed the reach to sit for 1 hour, in an open area (Dried tailings dam) Not a tree at my elevation for over a 2 km radius.

ive been trying to get answers from the maker of the drone, but thats been difficult to say the least, so was hoping someone here could assist.

Could it be possible that im using a faulty reach unit?

Is it common practice to wait an hour + to get a single GPS bar in the green?

Is there a specific setting that I should be looking at?

Thank you for your help everyone.

No. I get fix within seconds. Then “realtime” after. But depends on settings, and location etc etc.

Someone with real experience here with drones etc will help, don’t get discouraged. Once you learn more and get it going you’ll see that the Emlid products are awesome and work extremely well.

You’ll be doing a lot of forum post reading in the meantime. There are MANY posts about things like this…just the way it is… it’s a not a very easy straightforward thing unfortuneatley until you learn and experience things until it all finally “clicks”.

All that being said, chances very slim, but you never know, take a look at this link “just in case” a defective unit:

But again, do not get discouraged, probably not this at all…but merely incorrect settings or setup. SOunds like you at least have the ideal clear sky view situation though! ; )

Hey, thanks for the boost of confidence.
Honestly, its really appreciated.
Ive been pulling my hair out trying to figure everything out , sending the maker of the drone about 50 emails with questions and whys this or that, waiting to get a response.
You would think they would provide a detailed work flow with the purchase of their $10000 foam plane haha.

This forum has been very helpful in finding some answers. I noticed its all about wording in the search function to find exactly what it is I need.

Again thanks!

I’ve seen some posts here about how overpriced they are and you’d expect better help for that kind of CA$H.


In one of my emails I told them to send me a quote so I can submit it for approval, for someone from there to come to my mine site and provide an accurate workflow, how to check my settings…
Basically a blank cheque for them to be flown up here to show me how to use their product.
Their sites walk through is very sub par at this time.

Hi @jcarignan,

How’re your tests going?

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