Can't go to Bluetooth tab on RS2 on v2.20.4

Just got my RS2 today. Working better than expected so far. Got it from a UK dealer and sent to Finland.

I found a bug in Reachview. You can’t go to bluetooth settings in portrait mode on Oneplus 6. And on Galaxy S6 you can’t go there in either mode. When you rotate Oneplus to landscape you can choose bluetooth settings


A screenshot always helps in illustrating your issue :smiley:

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Pictures are indeed nice :grinning: Screenhots even better :+1: I’ll post some tomorrow once I’ll play some more with my new best thing.


I found a bug in Reachview 2.20.4
On my Oneplus 6 android phone you can’t go to bluetooth settings in portrait mode:
When you rotate to landscape you can normally go to bluetooth settings:

And tested it also with Galaxy S6 and neither orientation doesn’t work.


Hi Jaakko,

Thank you so much for reporting!

We will fix this soon, sorry for the inconvenience.

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Hi @Kansanparantaja,

We’ve just pushed the ReachView v2.20.5 release with the fix for your issue.

Please let us know how it works. :slightly_smiling_face:

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