[RS2] ReachView v2.20.5

Hello, guys!

We’ve just released v2.20.5 for RS2.


  • Fixed DOP formatting in point collector
  • Fixed Survey’s map import button
  • Made Bluetooth tab easy to click in menu
  • Fixed Bluetooth tab accessibility in portrait mode


  • Long awaited shutdown on bottom connector unplugging
  • Mobile data statistics

At the moment RS2 releases are a little ahead of other Reach devices but we intend to bring them in sync in the nearest future. We hope that your experience with Reach will improve. Looking forward to your feedback!

Best regards,
Emlid team



hello I just got my pair of rs2 and I’m trying to upgrade to v2.20.5 cough goes well but when I try to rename rs2 one as base and the other as rover is not shown the screen is only left in semi-blue I’m dealing with a galaxy s6 that I can do with you mark if you work well

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Can you post a screenshot of your renaming issue?

What is it?

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Hi @abel.ccaamao,

I’m afraid I couldn’t reproduce this issue. Can I ask you to send us some screenshots of it?

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