Can't get ardupilot to work from binaries or image

I have been using the most recent image of rapsbian stretch found here and spend a great deal of time yesterday just configuring ardupilot to work on start up. My hardware is a raspberry pi 3 with a navio 2.

I was initially using the emlid tool to configure a quad copter to run on start up. When I did this and restarted the raspberry pi, I got start up errors stating that the ardupilot service failed on boot. I realise that there were similar issues reported here but these were a while ago and thought these would have been resolved by now? Has anyone else ran into this issue recently?

Despite repeated attempts and flashes the above error refused to disappear, so I took to trying to build the firmware from sources on the pi itself. Again this failed. It successfully compiled a series of binaries but failed at random parts repeatedly over multiple fresh flashes. I was following the instructions here. Has anyone else reported this recently?

I successfully managed to compile it on my laptop and transfer it over. However the above was a lot of time wasted and thought it would worth while noted. I have other SD cards and can investigate further. However right now I am wondering why did I not just go with pixhawk? It seems much easier to get set up albeit the ROS will be a separate device in the end



I use the same configuration (Raspberry + Navio2) and had no such problem. RCIO firmware is updated to the latest version, filesystem is expanded, EmlidTool settings went fine and are OK.

How do you power your Raspberry at the bench?

If you use a low power USB plug, you may expect some troubles… At home I use a phone 3A powerbank.


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