Cant findReach on WiFi

HI, i went through the setup process with my Reach GNSS module, as per the instructions. i even downloaded the new drivers for the USB port (of which no mention is made in the documentation). I only managed to get to connecting the unit to my Wifi. After that i have been unable to “find” the module at all on my system. When i plug the unit into my windows laptop USB port (yes, it does have 5v!), my laptop continually makes two slight different sounds (effectively, the same as a connection being made and a connection being lost on my laptop USB port), and only the blue LED comes on. What i have done wrong?

Hi,did you read this section about firmware flashing and drivers?

Is it possible that you have similar problem like this?

I did indeed, for some reason my laptop does NOT see the usb port. I have uninstalled, reinstalled using the applicable routine, with no further joy. as this is happening with both modules, i am concerned that both are behaving in the same way

You are using usb2.0?
what Windows version?
It sounds like there something else is wrong or not beeing done right.

OK, sorted out. Simple solution in the end, use a different USB port…annoyed with myself…at least progress, thanks for that!!

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