"can't connect to reach": cannot find ReachView-2

I have the very same problem as described in

After connecting to the reach network I can select my RS2 unit but after a while I just get:
“can’t connect to reach”
The problem is that I cannot follow the proposed solution:
“Try connecting using ReachView 2 and get it connected to a WiFi network. Then you will be able to download the Dev Update.”
I have Reachview3 but cannot find ReachView2 for downloading.

How can I solve this problem?

Solved, had not read
“Turn off the mobile data on your device before connecting to Reach’s hotspot.”
I suggests noting this in
as well

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Hi Agus,

Thanks for getting back to us with the update! Our forum tends to do that: you find the answer to the question right after posting it :sweat_smile:

The turned-on mobile data can indeed prevent you from connecting to the unit’s hotspots. It happens usually because the unit tries to always stay connected to the Internet. As Reach’s Wi-Fi doesn’t provide it, the mechanism goes with the obvious option: stay with the mobile data.

I agree, we’ll need to add it to the Quickstart as well. We’ll discuss the best way to do it with the team :wink:

By the way, please note that ReachView 2 is a deprecated app. You really can’t find it in the stores. Please use ReachView 3: it gives you more features, from working with different coordinate systems to creating your own NTRIP profiles for frequent use.

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