Can't connect to new RS2

I added a wifi network for an RS2 to connect to, and it has connected (Solid blue wifi light). I can’t discover it in the Reachview app though. Is there a way to force the RS2 into hotspot mode again?

Can you turn off all of your other WiFi transmitters?


Yes, or just walk far enough away and then reboot. Or stick your RS2 in a metal paint can / filing cabinet or something else that attenuates the Wi-Fi signal enough that RS2 can’t connect, and so it starts a hotspot instead.

The method I prefer is just to plug in the USB cable between Reach and my computer and setup the Ethernet over USB interface with the computer’s side set to IP, then I can just open up my web browser and point it to which is Reach’s static IP address for the USB interface.

The end result is that I can work with ReachView though the USB cable and optionally manage any Wi-Fi settings or modes there. No reboots, walking, or faraday cages required :slight_smile:


I walked away and “forgot” that wifi network on both RS2s. I then connected both to a different network, and that worked? Don’t know why the one RS2 didn’t like the office wifi.

Hi Derrick,

Did you manage to connect to this RS2?

I had problems with the android app. I used a iphone to run the update.

after the update i could use the android app. Its also possible to use webbrower… just enter the ip of you basestation… you can the ip one network map on you wifi router.

I did end up getting both RS2’s on the same network. For one reason or another the second RS2 was not discoverable on the original wifi. So I had to connect both to a different wifi.

Whoa, that’s what I need! (Hardware network connection route needed). Can you point to docs on how to setup ethernet over usb between Win10 and Reach?

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