Can't change base mode RTCM3 message settings

seems to be a bug in ReachView 26.2

On “Reach Module” you cannot change RTCM3 message settings. There is a bug in the javascript and the settings do not update. This might only affect “Reach Module” and not later Lora compatible devices? Seems to be issue trying to access lora air rate setting which does not exist.

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘air_rate’ of undefined
at s.applyMessages (index.4484a19b.js:formatted:16900)

and also issue here

TypeError: Cannot read property 'air_rate' of undefined
 at s.resetMessages (index.4484a19b.js:formatted:16933)

Hi Karl,

Is there any chance you can post a screenshot from ReachView app with this error message?

this bug affects Reachview in web browser, in iOS and Android. It seems it will only affect devices not compatible with lora module such as “Reach Module”. To the user the behaviour is that if you change any setting in “Base mode” --> “RTCM3 Messages” the orange exclamation icon at top corner will not remove when you click apply and any changes you make will not save. It’s quite easy to test and see. Hit F12 developer tools and you will see the errors as i have attached here. By reading the code you can see the errors are simple.

for example one error:

a = this.$store.getters.deviceFeatures.lora

so ‘a’ is a variable storing if the device supports lora

then there is a section wrapped with “if (a)” where it sets some lora air data rate settings but before the line above where ‘a’ has been set there is this line

n = t.settings.lora.air_rate

which fails because lora is not part of object t.settings

N.B. variable names will be different in your non-minified source code.


FYI I am using 2x “Reach Module” with 2x “RFD 900+” radio modem for base correction over serial

Hi Karl,

Thanks for the detailed report!

I’ll try to reproduce it and will get back to you with an update.

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I’ve come back to you so soon to share that we’ve just released 26.3 Reach Firmware. It should resolve the issue with the inability of changing the RTCM3 settings in the Base mode screen for Reach module. Please update your firmware to the latest version.

It’d be good to know whether it works for you.

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Wow, that was fast response time. I will check when i get time. I did manage to change the settings i needed fixing/hacking the bug myself with javascript overrides in browser developer tools but I will update my firmware and let you know if it works with that new firmware when i get time.


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