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Can I fly navio quad without rc controller (only rpi wifi)?

(Roishachar) #1

for start I would like to test the quad flight without buying any telemetry unit or RC,
is it possible to fly with rpi 3 wifi connection only?

(Andrew Yushkevich) #3

Hi @roishachar,

I see that you’ve created another thread with the same question:

So, if you still have problems, feel free to ask more questions there.


(Roishachar) #5

Thanks, I’m still wondering if macbook and rpi3 built in wifi can support (EZ)Wifibroadcast?

(Christian Grüner) #6

Even if you can, you might look into legal issues, as you can’t manually control the craft, in case navigation-capabilities are lost.

(Roishachar) #7

actually I already bought taranis X7, so I have long range for control, now I’m wondering about video transmission.

(Andrew Yushkevich) #11

Hi @roishachar,

How’s your test going?

(Roishachar) #12

Hey I’m now binding taranis QX7 with XSR-M receiver, I saw an option to connect it via smart port and get telemetry back.
2 question:
a. if it send telemetry, do I still need an addition unit of 433mhz 3dr telemetry unit ?
b. do I need any special cables/converters to use smart port with navio2 ?

(Николай Л) #13

My Navio 2 flies copter with 4G modem and no RC control. So the answer for your 1st question is “yes”.
But I was unable to make initial calibration without RC connected. Anyway, having radio controller near your hands helps sometimes not to crash )
Next. If you are happy with RC telemetry, then you don’t need something else. But it is not possible to view native autopilot telemetry with it or upload/download missions. You need 3dr modem (or similar) to connect with Ground Control software (QGroundControl, Mission Planner, etc).

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