Using wifibroadcast with mac and rpi3

Can I use macbook pro and built-in rpi3 wifi for hd video transmission via wifibroadcast?


It may work for short range (home testing), but for decent performance you will have to look at high power wifi units (like AlfaNetwork AWUS036ACH for Emild Edge).


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I guess this is for my laptop :

what should I buy for the navio/rpi drone?


You need the same one on the drone.


seems huge for flying infrastructure, any recommendation for good quality long range and also minimal size device for the drone?

Antennas are 7 inches long (same size as on my navio2 telemetry module). For “long range” we use 5.8 ghz band.

Be sure to find Wifi unit driver for Rpi before buying anything.


Can you share your project components please?

Be sure to check which wifi adapters/chipsets are supported by (ez)wifibroadcast.

As far as I know, no Realtek chipset is currently supported, so the before mentioned Alfa adapter does not work.

This modem is OK with Emlid Edge (Pi compute module)


Yes, I know. But the Edge is not using (EZ)Wifibroadcast, at least not a vanilla unaltered version of it.
Edge is working in AP mode by default, while wifibroadcast works linkless, there is no wifi connection established between sender and receiver. The TX part simply sends out the video stream, without knowing if there is anyone listening, just like analogue video transmission does. The RX picks up any data that it receives on the configured channel.

Thanks for the explanation.


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