Can connect phone to reach wifi, but RS2 unit not listed in the app

David, got that! Seems like we will need some time to dig deeper into it.

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Shows up as bluetooth and in browser via ip but not in the app

Hi Polina,

The devices are on firmware 28.4. I had similar issues on my old phone (a pixel 2), but I have not had the problem on an iPad (3rd generation iPad Air, software version 15.1). The issues can be fairly sporadic. Yesterday I didn’t have any problems, but other days I have had to spend a fair amount of time fighting with it.

Dave, got you! We’ll check this out.

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@christy.tanner, I see, thanks for the details! We’ll need more time to go through it.

Hey everybody,

Just wanted to tell you that we have released a new version of ReachView 3 7.6. In it, we have added significant Wi-Fi scanner improvements. Please update your apps to check if it helps you. We’re all for the updates and feedback!

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Hi Polina,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. It’s getting busy in the field!

Correct, the issue does not occur on other android phones I’ve tried. The other phones have Android v11 or earlier whereas my phone has v12.

I’ve been having trouble updating the firmare as I can’t seem to find them when I wifi them to the mobile hotspot we’re using here in the field (a Huawei device from Cosmote).

I’m going to try using my phone as a hotspot and connect the emlid and laptop to it and see if i can find the Emlid’s ip

  • Myles


I saw that the new ReachView 3 version was out and was fortunately in an area where i had data reception.

Updated the app, and things seen to be working well now!


Hi Myles,

I sure get it, things can get really busy in the summer :slight_smile:

Thanks for trying out the update. It’s a joy to learn that the behavior is improved for you!


Hi @polina.buriak

With the RV3 7.6 update it finds my WI-FI from the office router.

I enabled the 5GHz frequency on the router again and the apps work.

In previous versions it was very unstable to find the network and absolutely null if the 5GHz frequency of the router was enabled.


Thanks for the update!

Well, the thing with 5 GHz frequency is that our receivers don’t work with it. Reach RS2 can connect to 2.4 GHz networks. So the instability you faced look related to this fact. We always recommend enabling 2.4 GHz networks only, especially if both networks have the same SSID.

Hi @polina.buriak ,

I understand that the equipment works only with a frequency of 2.4 GHz.

In my case I have an M2 module as a base in the office. With previous versions of ReachView 3 I had to disable the 5 GHz frequency for the apps to find the network and it was still very unstable, sometimes it found it and sometimes it didn’t.

With the last update it works perfectly in my case, even enabling the 5 GHz frequency of the router and it does not interfere.


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