Can a M2 be used as a base station for a reach rs2

I have a reach rs2 now but the NTRIP service I was using fell through on me because I got it from the place I worked and now that I no longer work there I can no longer use the NTRIP caster they had setup. I want to know if I can use an M2 as a portable or stationary base station to feed my rs2 because I need accurate depth info. I cannot easily find anyone that sells the service near me and it’s expensive to buy another rs2, I used to be able to use one of the rs2s from work to do a Lora wan base setup but now that bridge is burned as I did not leave on a good note there. If I cannot use an m2 is there any other cheap way to have my own base other than buying another rs2?

Hi Ian,

You can use Reach M2 as a base for Reach RS2 in both RTK and PPK as it’s a multi-band receiver as well. However, please note that Reach M2 requites external power supply, external GNSS antenna and external LoRa module to work in RTK.

You need to be thorough in placing the Reach M2 base. It might be a bit more tricky than with Reach RS2 placement because of external components and lack of any threads for the pole. However, there are no other limitations for such setup.

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