Broken antenna

I was hoping someone could help me locate a replacement antenna for my reach RS2? The ceramic broke off durring shipping.

Part number
GNSS Multiband Active Antenna AGA424214-S0-A3.

LIL2AC bive. L1_3.8 L24.0


I reached outto AMOTECH and they said i had to contact EMLID


Obviously if it was a new recent shipment from Emlid, I am sure they work with you on a replacement. But assuming this is a older used RS2. Good luck with Emlid providing any sort of replacement parts. : /

I noticed a SLEW of used FOR PARTS OR NOT WORKING Emlid RS/RS+/RS2/RS2+ units for sell on Ebay recently for DIRT CHEAP… they are all obviously gone now.

Try @ceith


Have u tried to reach out to any of the dealers for help

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That is a good idea, do the dealers have parts?

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@cryan_TX you can contact me directly for options
(contact info at link in my profile)


Hi Ryan,

I see we’re in contact via email. Let’s continue troubleshooting there, as it may require sensitive information.

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