Bluetooth pairing problem

My main problem is that I can’t pair RS2 with a Windows tablet (I tried to pair it within 8.1 and win10 on the same tablet). The reason I’m doing this is to try FieldGenius and SurvPC. I bought Lenovo MiiX 830 to test it, but I can not find a way to connect them using Bluetooth.

I have tried this:

but still nothing!
It looks like windows can not find the driver for Reach RS2 Bluetooth when I look into Device and Printers.

Even with an Android phone it sometimes won’t pair!
Luckily, the SurveyMaster app connects to RS2 even Android can not.

I have been trying this for 2 days now, reading watching youtube videos, and still no solution!
Can someone help me with this?

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Hi Mario,

There’s no need in installing drivers for RS2 to enable BT communication. Everything should work smoothly as is. Let try to localize the issue.

Does your PC find Reach RS2 among BT devices? Do you get some kind of error when trying to connect?

It would be great if you could share your step-by-step actions so we can see where things might have gone wrong.

After 24 hours of stress, and a few hours of sleep…

The stupidest thing ever:

Dmitriy, you are right!
There is no need to pair Tablet PC to RS2! Just set Reach View and FG as instructed!

But if RS2 is not receiving any signal (because it is in my warm apartment) there is no message to send, and no message to receive from PC device so it reports (Port in use, wrong settings, etc, after you click connect to RS2 which was seen as BT device by FG).

The same is with Android BT pairing, no pairing needed with RS2 (and I even can not pair my android phone with RS2), SurveyMaster connects to the device over BT in a second (No matter if you are inside/outside).

I have done a clean instal of win8 and win10 a few times, fought with drivers (especially for win10), and then I decided to jump to store and buy BT USB for my desktop workstation and the problem was the same.
I don’t know how but I came to the idea to put RS2 on the window where it will see a few satellites and BAM! Just connect BT, no need for COM port connection. NTRIP is working also.

All this because yesterday was so cold and I decided to go inside and sit in worm place, and use mouse and keyboard in order TO INSTAL AND SET EVERYTHING FASTER! :pensive:


Hi Mario,

Thank you for sharing your solution.

Reach receivers indeed need to have at least a Single solution status to stream their position to the 3rd party apps. In the next firmware updates, we’ll try to optimize this process for easier integration with apps like Filedgenius.


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