Bluetooth connectivity

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone had issues with the Bluetooth connection if connecting to the Juniper Cedar CT8x2 Android device with the latest Android version. I am hoping the problem is more Samsung related than Android.
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For the first part of your question you can read this RS2 bluetooth connection loss on Samsung TabActive. We are all waiting for a solution from emlid even if it is not their fault that samsung or google messed around with the bluetooth stack (Well, that is my opinon).
The second part of your question I can not answer.

Yes I have a tab activ 3 which has the issue but the Android operating system may be different on the Cedar

Hi Noel,

For as long as I can remember, nobody reported the issues with the Bluetooth connection with this device. Surely, it’s better to test this out. There is an issue with the connection with some of the Samsung Android devices, you’re right. But we’re already looking into it.

I’m not an expert in 3d-party software, but you can find the comparison on other resources like this. Of course, I’d recommend using the ReachView 3 app :sweat_smile:. If it lacks some features you’re looking for, feel free to share about this with me. It’s essential for us to know what our users need.

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