Best Settings For Survey and Mapping

Evenings All,

Would you be able to assist with optimal setting for Lora Radio on Reach RS2+(base) and Reach Rs3(rover).

We have been experiencing issues with equipment losing radio with 200m Line of sight(Reseller) checking equipment, but in time being was hoping to maybe get some tips and help regarding best setting for mapping and surveying in South africe

2nd question

Where would i be able to read up regarding RTcM3 messages and. Different settings and when to change and when not.

Hi @clarence,

Welcome to our community!

Usually, the default settings for LoRa radio are enough to transfer corrections from your base to your rover smoothly. So, let’s check it. First, please ensure that you’re using the latest firmware on both receivers and then, let’s go through the following steps.

  1. Attach LoRa antennas to the units.
  2. Reset the default settings for both units.
  3. Place the receivers so they have a clear sky view and line of sight.
  4. Go through the steps in this guide to configure the corrections streaming via LoRa.

I also recommend this Support tip, which covers additional thoughts about the LoRa connection.

Please share your latest experiences! If the issue persists, we’ll continue with further troubleshooting steps.