Best leveling base for Reach RS+?

Hello everybody,
I’ll be using the base+rover setup with 2 Reach RS+ for surveying, I want to use a tripod (like this one) , and a leveling base, like this example.
Which leveling base you guys recommend?

I would buy two rover rods, one bipod and one tripod attachment.


@chascoadmin has a point. Some people are not using traditional tripods anymore, mostly for convenience and speed I think.

If that is what you want (it is also what I use), then:

The tripod you linked to looks good and has 5/8" (inch) thread.

The leveling base you linked to has 3/8" thread (for large cameras).

Reach RS+ has 1/4" thread and comes with a 5/8" adapter.

So the tripod is suitable, but that leveling base is not for two reasons:

  1. Both threads (top and bottom) would have to be adapted to fit.
  2. There is no means of accurately centering over a point.

What you want is a tribrach with 5/8" thread and the tribrach adapter to fit on top (also with 5/8" thread). One of the two parts should have a plummet (either optical or laser). You may want a tribrach adapter that includes a short extension so that the Reach RS+ antenna can hang straight down. I do not have an extension, and so the antenna must be bent 90 degrees. That is not a problem for me, but maybe it is not ideal to use it that way. Another option would be to use an antenna extension cable and mount it separately. Not many people do that, but it can help when the ideal spot for the GPS antenna is not the ideal spot for the LoRa antenna.


I’d take @chascoadmin and @bide advice.

With @chascoadmin advice, Tribrach and tripod are typically for Total Stations and the like. Not that u cannot use it with GNSS equipment, but this advice is better as you can throw a rover/prism pole up quickly with a static height everytime instead of fooling with measuring everytime u set the base up using a conventional tripod and tribrach (and heavy to lug)
Costs more, but much more convenient.

Also consider traveling and shipping. There are light weight options also.


Hey man, thanks for the answer. The links were just an example, I was looking for something that I could use without many adaptors - although I know that Reach uses 1/4 thread. And you are right, I need a leveling base with a plummet.
A lot of people still uses GNSS receivers with tripods around here, but the seller told me that the best option is like @chascoadmin said, two rover rods.


Just make sure that whatever setup you buy for your base station will not tip over in the wind.


@agrimgalina you’re goddam right, that’s what I was looking for.

@bide yes, that’s important. Thank you for your concern.

for professional use and stakeout precisión

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@rsurveyor1 good luck

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That’s right @agrimgalina.
I’ve sent you an email a couple of weeks a go, but never heard of you.
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If you don’t need the survey grade mm precision that a conventional survey tripod and optical tribrach provides… You could attach a survey pole level to a small pole segment and mount the RS onto it… You will have to manually adjust but you will have a read out of level at least.


I usually use a tripod + tribrach + 0.5 meter extension for my base. I then use a rover-pole and bipod for my rover.

I use the tripod to make sure that the base doesn’t move over several hours. Wind and people have much less risk of bumping the base.
For the rover, setup-time is more important, but of course it will cost a bit in precision, especially the more extended the pole is.


That’s a nice setup you got there, Christian. Mind to share where you bought that tribrach? That’s what I was looking for, but didn’t knew the english word. Thanks.

Hi Matt, thanks for your contribution.

eBay :smiley: I actually have one I need to get rid off, as I have too many. PM me, and I can send you a link.

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Sorry, I’m trying to figure out how to PM you, can’t find anything.

I have sent you one now