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Hi All-- I’m a complete novice to surveying but I started working with RS+ for surveying my property. I’ve got over 800 points that I’m trying to survey so I took me a few days, with each time turning off the units, recharging, and the starting back up, making sure to place the base station in its same initial position and appending to the previously saved survey. I’m in the process of transposing the data onto a survey and have a question. Since the rover coordinates are relative to the base, shouldn’t the base coordinates be captured in the output of the Survey tab? Otherwise, the data in my survey file cannot be correlated between each day unless I dig into the raw data on find the base’s position.

Am I correct in this analysis? This all started because I’m seeing a shift between points and I’m trying to understand the reasoning on why it’s happening.


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Exactly. So it is important that your base use the same coordinates each time and NOT use average single. At least for your setup.
If you set the base exactly over the same point and enter the coordinates manually for the point, you should get good results.
A test you can do is to survey a previous surveyed point, this should be dead on. If not, something is wrong. Its an easy way to see if everything is ok


Ok, got it. Without having to go back and redo the 200 or points that I have, is there a way to extract the base coordinates indexed by the timestamps for each of my survey points?

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Do you want to try PPK? Something you could do if you want to try RTKPost is to correct each rover log to your Emlid base using the same coordinate for the base station each time in RTKPost.

You could PPK base on day 1 and derive accurate absolute coordinate. Correct rover log to emlid base with this corrected base coordinate. For day 2 correct the rover log to the emlid base using the exact same coordinate as day before. Use this tool to make life easier:


Alternatively, how were you receiving corrections to rover, LoRa? Were you by chance logging the RTCM3 message in the logging tab? Base coordinate of each surey should be buried in there…


I had to setup NTRIP due to the fact that I couldn’t get the range on LoRa. I just checked and I do have RTCM3 enabled so I’ll look at the corrections there.

I was going to write a small java app to correct for the different days but yes, I’ll give PPK a try!

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Let me know if need any help along the way and Ill see what I can do

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