Base logging & PPK Processing with UAV

Hi there, just wanting to double check a work flow I plan on using, first time using PPP/PPK with the reach rs2 so a bit nervous haha

Situation: UAV flight to map an area, no existing control and no internet coverage for RTK. Coordinates need to be ~50mm-100mm accuracy for absolute position. I have an RS2 as a base and an M300 as my UAV.

I plan to setup the base and log for the day, take the file from the base, use emlid studio to get a rinex file then upload that to AUSPOS. I’ll receive a correction for the base location. I will use the same base observations and the observation file from the UAV and process it using REDcatch, and apply the auspos correction to the data.

Does this sound feasible? I plan on using the following logging settings; raw-rinex 3.03, position-NMEA. After turning them on I will enter base mode and set it’s position just by average single with an initial accumulation time of a few minutes. After that I assume it’s just set and forget? Do I need to turn off logging before powering down? TIA

Hi @cameron.baker,

We’ve never tested REDcatch app and M300 drone. So I can barely provide you with any recommendations regarding using them in PPK. However, there should be no issues with it if they accept industry-standard RINEX format.

In the meantime, I can comment on using Reach RS2 as a base and correcting its position with PPP.

PPK mode requires raw data logs from the base and the rover. So, to post-process the data, a position log is not needed. Also, as you are going to use base coordinates from the PPP service, there is no need to configure base mode at all.

To get precise coordinates for your base with the PPP service, you need to upload a raw data log from your base to the AUSPOS service. Please note that you can get coordinates with a 2cm-accuracy after 13-15 days after the end of the week of observations only. You can read more about work with PPP service in this article. As a result, you will get the correct coordinates for your base station that you can use in post-processing.

There are also some recommendations for correct processing with AUSPOS:

  • Set 1Hz Update rate in the GNSS Settings tab
  • As AUSPOS ignores all satellite systems except GPS, you can set GPS only in the GNSS Settings
  • Record logs in RINEX 2.11 or RINEX 3.03 format
  • Record raw data logs during 4 hours or more

Do I need to turn off logging before powering down?

To download logs, you need to stop their recording. So it’s better to do it after you record a raw data log with the necessary duration. In the meantime, if you power off the device, the recording process will be stopped automatically. You can check more Logging details in this guide from our docs.

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Thanks Julia, REDcatch works great with the M300 for PPK processing. Thanks for clarifying re: base setup, the rest is pretty standard for AUSPOS. Log downloading works fine too, thanks

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