Does D-RTK2 work with M+/M2?

@julia.shestakova does the M300 support PPK [Can it log static data?]. On this webpage, I found this saying that functionality is coming soon.


Also, does the D-RTK2 work with the M+/M2? Does the D-RTK2 Log PPK and if so, can that log be used to process the M+/M2 Logs? or is it possible to stream the data via Radio or IP?

It does, yeah. It leaves a GNSS raw-file on the microsd card.

@wizprod, any third party hardware or flight planning software, would test this out as this would help reduce the number of GCP’s needed to be positioned on projects using static method and greatly reduce lead time. thanks.

Do you think its possible to Post Process this GNSS Raw file against the .T02 from our Trimble R10 on TBC and make sense of the results?

I have good experience using EzSurv for processing these things.

Hi @tisijola,

We’ve never tested M300 and D-RTK2. So I can hardly comment on their features.

Reach devices work with RTCM3 corrections format. The common ways to communicate with 3rd-party devices are NTRIP or Serial radio. So there should be no issues if D-RTK2 supports NTRIP or Serial corrections output in RTCM3 format.

Also, I can only confirm that Reach allows recording and downloading raw data logs in the industry-standard RINEX format. So these logs can be used in 3rd-party apps for post-processing.

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