Base Coordinate Input

Using the Reachview app on IoS, is there no way to save the coordinates of the base point in manual mode without entering it every time? Can’t we save it and just recall it every time we occupy the same base point?
This could be a source of the error if you input it manually every time you occupy the same base point or am I missing something in the app?

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It does persist from session to session, but you can’t save multiple in RV2.

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My workflow is this:

  1. Do a static observation for ~15 points using a base point with known coordinates and then PP this to get coordinates for the 15 points.
  2. Do RTK survey using the 15 newly established points as base depending on their location near the work site.

So I need a way to input or import the coordinates for the 15 points into reachview and to use any of these points when I do an RTK survey, I don’t want to keep on encoding coordinates everytime I occupy a known point.
Seems like a simple and logical workflow function that has been around since the early SurvCE/Microsurvey days. Was surprised that it is not available from Reachview,

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I think this is a common wish. It works exactly this way with our topcon equipment. There is a list of control points and when you turn the system on you choose to start the base on a specific point. You don’t enter or pick coordinates just the point number.

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Hey there,

Thanks for your suggestions!

The feature of exporting or importing the base coordinates in ReachView is not implemented at the moment. I’m afraid, the only way is to input them manually.

We’ll consider adding this feature to the newest versions of the ReachView app. However, I can’t provide any ETA’s now.


It would be really great if when this happens that we could save at least two locations. It is common to have backup/traverse base points. Currently we just screenshot and doodle a note with the project number, but it is a pain running 25 projects concurrently!

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