Base and rover status in emlid flow (android)

Dear all,
During staking or meassurement sessions, is there a way of:

  1. Getting the status (fix/float, GNSS signal, battery, 4G network…) of both rover and base on the android app. Currently just the rover is available.
  2. Getting notifications when the status of any of these change (important to know about transitions from FIX to FLOAT).

Both of them are handy in cases when the 4G connection is spotty, corrections to the base are lost, etc. and you are not close to the base anymore.


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Hi Fernando,

There is no such feature out-of-box. However, it may be an option for you to use a static IP. You can check how to configure it in this thread.

Do you use Reach RS2+ as a rover? You can enable sound alerts in Settings in Emlid Flow. So once the receiver gets/loses the Fix, you’ll hear it.

Hmm, isn’t it an option for you to transmit the corrections via radio? This way you won’t depend on internet on the work site.

Also, if you place your local base, you don’t need to have it in Fix during the survey. You can just set a precise position in the Base settings tab and configure corrections streaming to the rover. After that, the unit can stay in Single.


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