RS2 base station remote access

I have been scanning forum posts for similar topics and i note there are some references to people using RS2 with a sim card with static IP for remote access.

We are trying to set up a similar scenario using a RS2 with a sim card (static IP address) to transmit corrections as a base but also to allow us to log in and see RS2 status and manage/change settings.

Have RS2 working as base with Topcon gear running as rover (using legacy RTCM3 messages) but would like some feedback and steps to be able to dial into the RS2 base and manage remotely.

Realise this is probably more a windows networking question but lots of clever people on here so any help appreciated.

You should be able to get your provider to give you a static IP for that line. Depending on who you use…


Yes we have sourced a SIM with static IP address… My question is - what is the next step? We put SIM in RS2 but then how do we access Reachview etc- is it just a matter of typing IP address into address bar or are there extra steps involved eg. port settings etc to get this to work?

Any help appreciated


Hi Pete,

Sorry for the delayed comments!

Yep, you do it right. The workflow is just to put the SIM card to the Reach RS2, and access the device via static IP. However, before that, you need to go to the Reach Panel and turn off the Protect Reach from being visible from outside the local network option. To access it, go to the Reach IP in any browser and tap the gear icon.

Please keep in mind that Reach RS2 Wi-Fi doesn’t have a firewall. So everyone who knows your static IP will be able to connect to your receiver.


thanks for that!

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Anytime :slight_smile:

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