Base and rover setup

Good morning to all
As I am not sure I understand.
I am planning to buy a second RS2 and use it as a base.
I didn’t understand what is the correct way to use it so could you please help ?

Scenario 1: place with good internet coverage and no known landmark.
Connect the base to NTRIP and share corrections to Rover via LoRa?
Or do I need PPP first?

Scenario 2 : area with no Internet coverage and no known landmark?
PPP only?


First question would be if you need absolute accuracy or just relative precision in relation to your base?

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Hello I believe i will need both in the near future :slight_smile:

If you have NTRIP available, the easist thing to do is to setup with a 30 min Average fix on the base, and then get going with your rover over LoRa. Continue to collect NTRIP and Base raw-data, and then when you come home, you can PPK the exact base coordinates with many hours of data (especially needed for long baselines), and the adjust your rover-data with the difference between the 30 min avg fix and the PPK’ed position.

PPP, or get Rinex data from a CORS up to 100 km away. Depending on how long you observe the point, distance to nearest CORS and how fast you need the coordinate, your preferred option may vary.


Hi Nikolaus,

Christian summed up your options pretty well, so kudos to him for the help!

There are only a couple of instructions that I’d like to add to this thread to make the setup even more straightforward for you.


Thanks !!

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