Automate daily reboot of RS2 new?


I have several RS2 devices waiting to be implemented in the field for 24X7 operation. The task I am facing is to reboot all the devices everyday to keep the GNSS clock skew to a minimum for accurate positioning data. Is there a way to automate (through scripts/commands/API). I have imiwin and imibet tried to SSH and run various reboot commands (reboot, restart, shutdown, init 6, etc) but none of them work. could you please help me with this?

Almost word for word same question. The search function is your friend


A Timer
Your simple solution

Ok I am confused, could you explain the skew in more depth.

I was under the impression Gps satellites have 4 atomic clocks each, so receiving their signal is very accurate way to tell time.

Is it the Reach clock that fluctuates?

Reach can access the internet, could it be locked to a time server to prevent this? I read that GNSS timestamps are accurate within 40ns. Ive logged the gga time vs my computer clock and its crazy close vs ntp.

If anyone could explain the issue, i find it very interesting?

Are you using the gps to set your clock?

The timer would turn the unit on and off at given times

I get that part, its the reason for needing to reboot it.

So he just wants them to come on once a day to reset his other clocks?

The thing i don’t get, is that it sounds like the reason for rebooting is the GPS is putting out the wrong time.

That i don’t understand?

GNSS as precise time reference


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