Automate daily reboot of RS2


I have several RS2 devices waiting to be implemented in the field for 24X7 operation. The task I am facing is to reboot all the devices everyday to keep the GNSS clock skew to a minimum for accurate positioning data. Is there a way to automate (through scripts/commands/API). I have tried to SSH and run various reboot commands (reboot, restart, shutdown, init 6, etc) but none of them work. could you please help me with this?

There is a reboot command in the App but I have no idea how to automate it.

Are they operating as a base or rover? If as a base, ensuring the same base position data is a must.

One is operating as a base and the others as rovers. I will try to capture the communication and see what command is being pushed when i press reboot on reachview app.

Hi Utkarsh,

I’d suggest controlling the unit’s turning on/off by controlling the power applied to the bottom connector. The unit will boot when the power is supplied and shut down when the power is off. To work with that, just enable the bottom connector feature in the Settings tab.


A basic timer on the power supply would do the trick, Goes off at say 6pm and turns on at 7am


Thanks for the suggestion! Old tricks always save the day.

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