AUSPOS with Reach RS2 data


Has anyone attempted to submit a Rinex file of Reach RS2 observations to the AUSPOS positioning service?

Using rtklib Demo5_b31 (and also tested latest b33a), I used convbin to convert the file to Rinex 2.11, outputting 30 second interval observations from the source 5Hz data. rtkconv was not used as checking/changing the data interval resulted in to .obs file, despite deleting the .ini file each time.

So my test data set has nominally 3 hours of data, not ideally but satisfactory for testing. On submission of this data set to AUSPOS, the emailed error message is “Data sampling interval in test.obs may change”. AUSPOS cannot get a solution.

Looking at the rinex file, this is the case, the observation times vary in the milliseconds. In my case observations vary from 13 to 6 ms behind the even second over 3 hours.

I note that PPP-CSRS yielded an acceptable solution.

I would be interesting if other users have attempted and AUSPOS solution with RS2 data, and their experiences.



There were some fixes done in the latest dev-firmware of the Reach-devices. Can you try collecting with that ?

Hi @Stu74,

Sorry for the delayed response!

We’re working on the solution for this now. Once we have any news regarding Reach’s RINEX data processing in AUSPOS, I’ll update you.

Hi Tatiana,

Please see below my question to the AUSPOS support team at Geoscience Australia;

I am attempting to obtain an AUSPOS solution from data observed using an Emlid Reach RS2 GNSS receiver. I have down-sampled the data to 30 second interval epochs, but am receiving the error below. On inspection of the data, I note the each observation epoch is not precisely “on the second”, in this case the epochs are 6ms delayed (0.006) at the start of the file, and 1 ms advanced at the end (9.999). Can you advise if this is the error source.

And this was the response from the the Manager of AUSPOS;

Yes, this is the reason why you has got an error message. AUSPOS cannot process data with sampling interval changes. Also you may setup your instrument with integer seconds 0.0000s and 30.0000s for epochs.


Hi @Stu74,

Thank you for sharing this info with us! We’ll take it into account while resolving this issue.

Hi @Stu74,

We’ve converted RINEX data from Reach RS2 so that the time becomes integer and tested it with AUSPOS, however, the data couldn’t be processed as well.

Reach RS2 tracks GPS L1C and L2C signals. According to AUSPOS, their service can’t work with L2C data. Therefore Reach logs won’t process with AUSPOS. However, AUSPOS is working on the update that will enable this functionality in future versions.


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