Attribute recording updates or other free options?

Hello all, I know there are a lot of us that simply can’t afford to buy a professional level field mapping program that includes attribute tables, and we are eagerly looking forward to a ReachView update that would allow us to record attributes while using the software.

As a workaround for this while using ReachView, I have been using MS Excel to input my attribute information on a table that includes drop-down menus and then attaching them to my point files in post processing.

Has anyone found any better ways to do this on a tight budget?

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QField is free and has unlimited attributes.

I believe it only runs on Android. It is intended to get its data from QGIS, whether live over the network or offline.

You would set up the map layers and attribute list in QGIS on your large screen desktop/laptop computer. Then you would open up the ‘project’ on your mobile device and be able to create and modify those layers in the field.

QField is supposed to be powerful, but with a very simplistic interface. So you are limited to only what is set up in the ‘project’ framework. I think the idea for QField is that the field technician only has to deal with things directly related to the project, rather than having deep menus full of tools and plugins and options.

Here are some links to posts on this forum that have mentioned QField in the past:


Thanks for your informative response, I appreciate it! We will be using our RS+ units teaching GIS to our students, and I want to have them map out the infrastructure of the school as part of their project. We did set up a few stations with QGIS, so this may be a great solution. Thank you!

Mapit GIS Pro?

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Reviving this thread just to say that we have ReachView 3 now. It already contains a lot of new features, and even more features are on the way!

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