Arducopter v3.5.2 available?

Hello there,

one month ago i asked about the process of updating to the latest arducopter version… You told me that you would update the repos a couple of days later so that we could simply use the sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade command to get the latest arducopter v3.5.2 version…The thread was closed but when I execute the command sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade I still see the old arducopter version on my copter…

I see that 5 days ago another member also asked about the same thing for this update on another thread
—> Arducopter 3.5 update? and you answered that tomorrow you would update the repos and the thread was closed …

SO my question is am i doing something wrong with this command or you still havent updated the repos ???


Nothing wrong with the command. We still haven’t updated the repos. Guys, we need to do extensive testing before rolling out the whole new release. Unfortunately, that’s not something that can be done over a week. Some issues came up which delayed the release. It was discussed in one of the many topics dedicated to this issue.
There’s always a decent straightforward way around to launch the newest software described in the docs.

Guys, ArduCopter 3.5 is now available in our repo. Take a look at this thread!