App crashes when collecting points

Hello and happy new year!

After upgrating to ReachView3 V. 6.12 I noticed that I am unable to collect any points with my Reach RS 2 units, using my Samsung Galaxy Tablet T295 as a receiver. The application starts without any problem, but when I press the plus button to collect a new point it freezes and then crashes. In an attempt to remedy this issue I have unistalled and reinstalled the app, but I did not see any improvement. To find out where the issue comes from, maybe you would like to take into account the following data:

  • The issue appears only when the coordinate system is set as GGRS87/HEPOS.
  • It is only with the Samsung Tablet that the app freezes. With a Xiaomi Mi-8 Lite Smartphone I had no problem at all.
  • In every case the rover was getting a fixed solution, with more than 30 satellites in view, functioning in RTK with an NTRIP, or Base-Rover configuration.
  • The app functions properly when stacking out.

I will remain in your disposal if any further clarification

With best wishes

Evangelos Kroustalis

Hi Vangelis,

Thanks for the report! We’ve released a fix that should help with this issue in the latest ReachView 3 version. Please update the app in Google Play and check if it helps.

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Dear Kseniia,

I have updated and tested the ReachView 3 app, and it works fine.

Thank you very much for your quick feedback.

All the best

Vangelis Kroustalis


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