Antenna height screen disappears on Android

On my android phone using the Reachview3 (30beta1) when I tap the target height button I see the antenna diagram flash by for a split second ( too quick to read) and goes straight to where you enter the numerical height value. I cannot figure out how to get back to the diagram at that point. Thanks

Try uninstalling the 30Beta1 and using the current released version. Might have a bug in it.

Hi @snillor999,

Thanks for reporting!

What version of ReachView 3 is installed on your Android?

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Version 7.15

Got it, thanks! Can you please record a screencast showing this behavior? It’d help me a lot in understanding the core of the issue.

Thanks. Attaching 2 files hopefully pointing out the issue - 1 image of screen captures and 1 video (compressed zip file
ReachView (481.3 KB)
I am also running the M2 module with a third party antenna. Not sure if the is important or not. I had no idea the diagram was there until I saw it posted on another thread on this forum. I found it useful in pointing out the difference between ‘Pole Height’ and ‘Antenna Height’. After seeing the diagram, I noticed the pole height and antenna height were the same. I am now under the conclusion that the M2 is not recognizing my antenna and automatically applying the correct phase center offset and if I want to account for that I must manually add it to my pole height.

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Hi @snillor999,

The screenshots and screencast are really helpful, thanks! Now I see what you meant. It looks like a UI bug to me. I’ll show it to the devs.

Regarding the pole height for M2, the app doesn’t add the antenna offset so the pole height will be equal to the antenna height. You can add those offsets manually by checking the values for your particular antenna. Here’s the topic with a similar question that may be of help, too:

Thanks for the information! That is kind of what I thought was going on with the M2 and the link you provided really clears things up.

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I’m glad to help!