Antenna height value for roving M2

Hey folks, just a quick and simple question for anyone who may have used an M2 on a roving pole or tripod. I’m measuring a PPP with an M2 in a MettaTec base kit set on a tripod over a static point. I’m curious what value to use for antenna height. I want to assume when logging while connected to an M2, ReachView 3 will not automatically calculate an offset like it would if it were connected to an RS2 or RS+. Am I correct about this? Therefore I should enter the total measured pole height + the offset value for the MettaTec box, which is 161.2mm (16.12 cm), as my antenna height correct or no?

If anyone can affirm I’m on the right slant here I would be very grateful.


Maybe you should ask the mettatec guys. They should provide the antenna info.

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I did ask Mettatec, … they supplied the antenna offset which is 0.1612m.

What I’m asking here is, … does Reachview3 app automatically calculate an offset value when connected to an M2 like it does with RS receivers. I suspect it would not because the M2 is designed to be mounted on a UAV as apposed to a pole or tripod, but I just want to confirm this in which case the antenna height would be the measured pole or tripod height plus this provided offset.

Correct. ReachView3 should not automatically add any offset distance when using an M2. You would need to add the offset from case to phase center to your pole height manually.

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Awesome, thank you, Dave! That’s what I thought, but sometimes you just need to test your logic publicly, …one never knows what someone else may know that one is unaware of.

Thx again.

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Hi Chris,

I see Dave already correctly answered your question, but I want to provide some details.

Almost all antennas have an antenna phase center offset. And you need to add it to the survey pole/tripod height. ReachView 3 does that automatically for Reach RS2/RS2+/RS+ because it knows the device model.

Yes thx Svetlana. I knew that about the RS receivers, and assumed it probably wouldn’t apply to the M2 but just wanted to confirm for certain. I have the antenna offset for the MettaTec enclosure and have added it to my survey pole/tripod height.

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Of course, it’s always better to know for sure! Don’t hesitate to ask other questions if you have them.

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