Antenna Height added on?

Hi guys,
I’ve been out of action for a while, but come back to use my gear and all of my fixed, known points are out by the antenna height, 0.134 (at least this number seems to make it so that they all are within 20mm vertical height.
I’m entering in a known point into my base manually with 0m height. My rod is always 2m - I’m about to update my software again, but I’d just like someone to clarify and reduce my anxiety that I’ve stuffed up somewhere else.

Hi Joe,

Long time ago, you needed to add the antenna offset manually to the survey pole or tripod height. But now, ReachView 3 applies it automatically. You can check more info here: How to set the antenna height for RTK?

Are you using ReachView 3 now?

What are these known points from? Have you surveyed them previously with Reach?

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