Antenna for M2

I would like to know if it’s possible to connect the REACH RS2 to the antenna output of M2



It’s not possible, as the Reach RS2 has its own internal antenna. May I ask why you want to do that ?


Hi Florian
the goal is to try to connect a DLSR camera to a GPS to have a correct position of the camera when take a picture but I need to mount the camera on a car so since I have already a RS2 unit I’m trying to understand if this is possible using only the Reach RS2 I received feedback from Emlid that this is tecnically possbile but honestly I didn’t understand how … if you have some idea/suggestion it will be very helpful otherwise I’ll buy the entire kit M2


For pure weight reasons, I’d go with M2 any time! You can easily make an integrated hot-shoe solution for the camera, that contains everything.
Not so with the RS2, just because of weight.


Hi Francesco,

I see you’re already in touch with Kirill and Svetlana in another thread on this theme. And I can only second their words about such integration.

Technically, Reach RS2 can record time marks for the photos, as it has an event pin on the RS232 port. However, such integration requires creating a custom cable. And that’s what I can hardly help you with.

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