Announcing FieldGenius Compatibility with Reach RS

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MicroSurvey is a global software provider specializing in the Surveying market, as well as Engineering, Construction and Forensics. One of the company’s products for surveyors is FieldGenius - easy to use, yet powerful modern program that communicates with RTK GPS systems from a variety of manufacturers. We want to Thank MicroSurvey team for the extensive testing of Reach RS and we are pleased to announce Reach RS full compatibility with FieldGenius as the result of cooperation between Emlid and MicroSurvey!




Reach RS has recently been tested with FieldGenius by Jacob Wall from MicroSurvey. He confirms the software compatibility with Reach RS and reports centimeter accuracy with RTK correction link. The equipment for testing included Windows 10 tablet (Surface Pro device) and Windows Mobile 6.5 device (Nautiz X8).


Setup guides for Reach RS with FieldGenius are now available:

  • Part 1 - Configure ReachView app
  • Part 2 - Create Profile and Connect with FieldGenius
  • Part 3 - Configure RTK Correction Link with FieldGenius
FieldGenius knowledgebase where you may find the guides: link.


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Great job! I too can confirm compatibility with FieldGenius and ReachRS on my Topcon FC-500. FieldGenius is designed to connect quickly and simply to ReachRS and I was impressed with how straightforward the bluetooth connection was from within FieldGenius app. It’s exciting to see Emlid getting a foothold in the survey world!


Hi . Hope i am posting my enquiry in the right place and someone would help . my nephew is very much interested in getting Reach system . In his surveying he needs to stake out reference points . I.e from cordinates to find the point on the land guided by the surverying system . I wonder if Reach could do that . Also he needs to use local cordinate system instead of the universal . Is that possible in Reach . Thanks

So can anyone advise , what is the price of a data collector with fieldGenius on it?


I believe you can now use FieldGenius on an Android device of your choice. MicroSurvey should have pricing on their website.

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Use the Demo , I see how it work…