Aluminium Weaver Mk3

What calculator are you using ?

With a frameweight that heigh, and estimated total weight of 4 kg, I don’t think you will even reach 10 minutes flighttime, (without beating up your battery).

An X8 config doesn’t give your more than efficiency. On the contrary, it trades efficiency for thrust and ability to be compact.
The X8 config has a much higher discloading, as it moves air faster. To be efficient, you need to move a lot of air slowly instead. That means fewer but larger props.

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Thanks for the info, I am absorbing all details you share!
And learning. :slight_smile:

I was using

Motors are 880kv Sunnysky 2216, props 1045.

I am planning for 16000mAh LiIon batteries (4S). If weight allows, even more than that.

If 10 minutes is achieved, this will be acceptable - my normal routes are within the 5 minutes radius.

The rig is an overkill for such short flight time.
However it has some potential pros - like quick assemble (6 + 8 screws only), stiffness.
Let’s see how it will operate.

So far the weight of the below is 1500g.

At what throttlelevel did it indicate 20 minutes flighttime?
Your throttlelevel should be at 35-45% with your final payload, basically maintaining a 2:1/3:1 thrust-to-weight ratio.
While it it will fly with a 1,5:1 ratio, you will have issues in the wind, and it will also be harder/scarier to recover from rapid decents.


Thrust ratio is around 2:1 to 2.5:1, based on the calculator.

Good info about thrust ratios, I will be more careful with that, not to go below 2:1.

Current total weight: 1630g.

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This mounting universality is exactly what I was looking for.

GoPro Tarot gimbal is on the way (1-2 weeks) and it is going to be mounted in an unusual way also.

Current state.

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The solder-less “Vruzend” Lion kit is here and assembled with 30x3000mAh 20A continuous (35A peak) 18650 batteries (3SP9), total weight is 1650g.

Total it is 3S 27000mAh, easily reconfigurable to 6S 15000mAh by re-plugging the jumper XT150 wires.

Pictures will follow soon.

@anton.pryamostanov did you manage to connect with the blheli_32 suit to the esc? How did you do that?


No :frowning: On T-Motor ESC I didn’t research that. Got to research and find out.
On Dalrc ESC - I researched and couldn’t find how.

Current total weight: 3800g

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Re-done battery mount. Now it does not shake and still easily removes to battery access if needed.

Note that battery has 2 modes switched by jumper cables - on picture it is in “charge configuration” - 1SP27 - for charging WITHOUT balance port. Very convinient.

Other mode is currently 3SP9.

Jumpers are duplicated for reduncancy (in case of accidental unplug).

It is using XT150 connectors.


Looks intriguing! What’s the intended use of this one?

Video recording.

I hope to be able to carry it (disassembled) without batteries to Nepal, get to vape shop - and buy vape batteries (which are available everywhere now thanks to smokers).

Waiting for ESCs.

I screwed up both 4-in-1.
The problem that in my location hobby shops sell 5 times the online price and I cant get any soldering supplies.
Its problen to solder 12AWG without flux pen and normal soldering station…

Even I know soldering fairly well.

So ordered 8 F35A T-Motor ESCs instead…
Plus soldering supplies.

Some horror story:

Today I went to hobby shop in Dragonmart - a HUGE China mall in my city.

There is one hobby shop specializing in larger drones as well.

So basically they were parting out some drones of another hobby shop which shut down few years back.

They had a box with many ESCs and motors.

We picked up 8 second hand RCTimer SimonK 40A 6s ESCs.

And started to discuss the price.

They “checked the price” and told me first 32$ each, a ridiculous price although I warned them that I know prices well.

32$ is even more than price of same new item online.

But this is 7+ years old tech. No dshot no anything.

And its second hand item.

Than they went down to 23$. Its still more than F35A Blheli 32 T-Motor brand new!!!
And these were second hand!

And they didnt go down more.

So I left that shop and ordered 8 T-Motor ESCs on Aliexpress.

Is it all retail hobbyshops are complete heist? Or only here it is so?

Some projected results:
Optimal Speed: 60 km/h
Range: 8km
Hover time: 15 minutes

I think you will get ~7 minutes, if you are nice to your batteries, and leave at least 1 minute for emergencies.

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I thought so too, mate!

But I was surprised today when I finally paid for Ecalc full version (3$).

It gives 17 minutes hover.

But whats more important - these 880kv motors give higher speed (60km/h) than 300-400kv (35km/h) and thus have same range - 8km.

It seems this setup will be viable…

8km is good enough for my filming.

Plus the battery case weights a lot and the aluminium frame.

Let’s see how it will work out, the 1147 props are on the way. These Sunnysky motors are great.