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Aluminium Weaver Mk2

(Anton Pryamostanov) #43

This is what I received a while back.

600mm aluminium profile for 3d printer, top quality aluminium and precision. I am not able to deform it anyhow myself.

However making Octo-X with 2216 880kv motors seem not to have sense - they are power inefficient. And I am out of budget for this year for any new parts.

The problem with all ready made frames is they lack variety of design options and layouts - all you can buy is 450 plastic of same type, or very limited number of 500, 550 carbon models, all of same type.

This part of drone industry has stuck in 2010s.

I am not saying frame should be aluminium or titanium or else.
What I am thinking, frame should allow modular fitment, be extensible and scalable. Like having sort of picatinny rail, for gimbals, lighting, etc.

Racing drones have went ahead and are driving the industry with 4-in-1 ESCs and stacking FC to it.

There is no advanced GPS drone frame in the market at the moment.

(Anton Pryamostanov) #44

Drone vs Mountain - 0:0

First time flying in the mountains.
I knew its far more risky.

  • Altitude was set too low (45 meters relatively); should have been set to 70 meters.
  • If mission starts from GC with TX off - when TX is on, it wont pair/control drone already on mission.

Lessons learnt, lessons learnt.

Damage: props for replacement, GoPro glass for replacement.

Seen few species of foxes (Fennec and probably jackal or normal fox).

Good thing I replaced XT60 battery plug with easy-pull piston plugs - could disconnect the battery easily.