All-new Emlid Reach RX: pocket-sized RTK rover for $1599

There’s chatter at the Commercial UAV Expo about the RX! I’ve already had a few people asking about it.


Fixing in real-time this far from the base is concerning :thinking:
Is that because of the Static positioning mode ?

This is not the record for longest fix another forum member has me beat by a long shot. I just cant find the post.

Static mode assumes the rover is perfectly stationary to assist getting a fix. It took about 5 minutes to get it.

Trying to do this in kinematic would not work.


I see, this is indeed a great constraint to help on ambiguity fixing. Thank you :slight_smile:

Happy to represent Team Emlid that the Commercial UAV Expo! Had a great panel discussion over construction and many good questions afterwards.

Boy do these drone service providers need to get some geospatial training. Number one barrier in survey grade construction mapping. Knowing the difference between geodetic, surface and grid is a must when you are trying to coordinate with other sources of data on different datums and because construction uses localization it’s never perfectly aligned. It can get very close but even the best one I’ve ever seen aligned still introduced error into that workflow and when you are fighting for every 0.10ft you can get it’s one of those things you have to pay attention to.

Shout out to my buddy @bill.stettner.


Hey guys!

If you’re in doubt whether Reach RX is what you need, here is the post you can find useful:


Ahh good to know. So not sub-meter without RTK then?

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Is there something with sub-meter accuracy without corrections?

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Maybe I understand the specs wrong, but the F9P chip should be able to do sub-meter accuracy in SINGLE.

Yea the Reach RS2+ is pretty good. I have it cooking right now collecting raw data and it has a single solution only with around 25 cm horizontal accuracy and ranges from 0.5 to 0.7 m on the vertical side.

That makes sense. Sorry my American brain was thinking sub foot, lol… how long do you bake for?

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That would be a game changer if it did.

Well once it has been turned on and sitting for about 5 minutes you start to get those accuracies, but I am collecting raw data for an OPUS point so Im letting bake for about 2.5 hours.

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Hello! May I ask how it is possible to replace internal battery (for example after 4 years using)? How much it would cost me and where it will be possible? ( at the local suplayer for 1 hour?)
Thanks for answer.
Peter, Slovakia


You buy a new one. That’s how tech is these days whether we like it or not. $1750 w/tax at 4 years is $450/yr which is totally achievable if you take care of your gear. A Topcon VR is about $15-18k or $250/week… It’s like buying at new drone every two years. This is business.


As much as I totally agree with you.

If you want to save money buy a screw driver set and learn how to use it. Broken equipment is the best to learn on, and finding parts has never been easier with google search.

But the reality is in 4 or more years, they will have some new magic product that works even better. Todays old tech will be left to sit in a cardboard box. I have some old Trimble L1 gps only gear if anyone is interested…… no takers?


I’ve got a 15-year-old Topcon Hiper + that still works as long as it connected to a battery power station. It’s been most of its time as an antique in my office but it’s still there.

You know I guess you could do the same thing with an RX and a small power pack… This thing might last forever!


I ordered this and an RS2+, you guys have been doing incredible work, you have a lifetime supporter with me and my business. Great Job!!


Hi @dbuchanan, and we’re always here for you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Were multipath tests done for this model, this antenna?
What’s the conclusion?

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