Advice for BKG Ntrip Client?

I am enjoying the performance on my Reach devices so far. Currently though, I derive my base station from the International GNSS service, as I have no means of setting up my own base station at my workplace.

My way of deriving my base station coordinates (which I think changes abit from time to time) is via RTKNAVI set on Static-PPP and dump the nmea messages in a csv that is auto sync-ed to google drive. From there I use ReachView on my rover to connect to the base station and I use the latest coordinates as the base station location in my ReachView settings. Unfortunately I cannot receive any corrections from the station itself as it only outputs RTCM MSM messages and I cannot find the relevant correction message when I check the caster tables.

This is the only workable solution for the moment and I can do RTK without problems on my rover. However, I am wondering if it is possible to do PPP on RTKlib or BKG Ntrip Client and broadcast my own corrections via NTRIP?

Did you get an NTRIP server working?

It appears that RTKLIB and Reach can do this. See these two points in the documentation.

Here’s some other information I found when Googling NTRIP server/caster setups.

NTRIP server functionality is not implemented in RTKLIB, but it did make it into our docs somehow. @egor.fedorov could you please update the docs and ReachView accordingly?

A very promising technology for distributing corrections is PylonGPS and we are working on including it on Reach. The good part about it, compared to running an NTRIP server on Reach is that it does not require Reach to have a fixed IP.

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thanks all for the tips!

Any chance (or plans) you can add support for the NTRIP Server path back into the build? We have a client who wants to send the Reach base station observation data to our firm’s SNIP simple NTRIP Caster tool and is asking about this. Ideally he would use your embodiment from the RTKLIB code base for this. From looking over your site (first time reader), it looks like he could also use your serial port out path as long as he rigged up a suitable TTL level convertor. Unless you can counsel otherwise, that seems to be the best short term answer (the SNIP Caster accepts UART serial inputs as well). But this will limit him to connecting only local Reach devices. I believe his goal is to set up a small local network with his copy of SNIP. Please consider putting the NTRIP Server calls back in so he and others can send their base station observations out to remote Casters for community use.


NTRIP server functionality was never in, we have just removed the config option that falsely showed it. You can send data from Reach in RTCM3 format to any IP address and port, so setting up a caster could be as easy as having a single server that collects TCP streams and provides NTRIP interface to the clients.

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Understood that the documentation was the first issue. To your reply, yes one can use TCP/IP without the NTRIP layer, but what you propose is only a simple TCP/IP connection. So it is not possible to share the designated IP and port with other data sources. Plus, as a non conformance data stream this would prevent the password exchange, making the Caster open to hostile folks. [Two things an NTRIP Caster can not allow] Adding this bit of code is fairly trivial, if you guys see the value in we can work with your team offline to help.

And yes, I can see how one can just set our simple NTRIP caster next to it to push the data along (I will advise the client to do that with the serial port for now). But it seems to me that if the end user has to place another computing resource next to each Reach unit (translating TCP/IP to NTRIP TCP/IP), then the overall value proposition is lost. He could just as easily use a PC with uBlox, RTKLIB, SNIP, and pile of cords at each site (yuck). But with the NTRIP Server ability added, Reach provides a nice tight L1 base station solution. With a higher grade antenna I think you could move quite a few units for that use case. Just my own thoughts.

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Hello sir, How to create our own server in SNIP NTRIP? it should every one access our data globally sir.

i need to set Static IP so how can i set it in SNIP?

Hi, I never did try this and with one unit not working I’m unable to test.

Robin S.

Is this still a correct statement? I happened across this thread today (2 years after the first post), and looks like your teams has added the ability to be an “NTRIP Server” and thereby PUSH data to an “NTRIP Caster” such as SNIP now. Looking at the open public Caster, I see 96 different users with Emlid software agents over the past 2 days, most pushing data as Server connections. Here are some interesting connection stats for code using the RTKLIB code base on that Caster:
NTRIP RTKLIB/1.1.1 (1 entry)
NTRIP RTKLIB/2.4.2 (69 entries)
NTRIP RTKLIB/2.4.3 (179 entries)
NTRIP RTKLIB/2.4.3 Emlid (96 entries)
NTRIP RTKLIB/2.4.3 demo5 (27 entries)

It is no longer correct. There is NTRIP server functionality in ReachView.

I`ll guess it was implemented here

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