Accuracy of Single Reach RS?

This may be kind of a dumb question (I’m a newbie) but what is the approximate horizontal and vertical accuracy of a Reach RS * on average * without performing PPK? For sake of discussions let’s assume clear sky of course and a 5 minute read time. Is it more accurate than a good WAAS handheld GPS or is it essentially the same without using PPK?

~2,5m horizontal and 2x the horizontal for vertical height in singel mode with no correction

One Reach alone could be compared with a normal GPS unit. Reach is capable of using WAAS (SBAS), but I believe you would have to hack the Reach software to enable it for real time use. Otherwise you could post-process your log files with SBAS features enabled.

…but you should really use Reach devices in pairs. That’s what they were designed for. Or for a single Reach, at least get corrections from a third party provider.

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