Sub metre accuracy with single RS+

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Would I be correct in thinking that for a project that required ~1 metre accuracy, a single RS+ could be used for GCPs? In a clear environment, what kind of time would be expected at each point to obtain this accuracy?

Thanks in advance.

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As cheap (or should I say “reasonably priced”) as the RS+ is, just get (2) for sub cm accuracy and save yourself the headache. If you have money burning a hole in your pocket, get the RS2’s.

Or use NTRIP.


Thanks! That pretty much explains it all. For some reason I thought I’d be expecting better than 2.5m.

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2.5m isn’t ~1m. If you have access to CORS or VRS data you can easily get cm accuracy. If you are in the US NOAA provides free downloads. There are several other ways to get one meter accuracy, but I think that’s the easiest.

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I’d also recommend checking this article:


Thanks I’ll check this out, it looks like a good read.

I understood the accuracy of a single unit wouldn’t be as good, i just expected it to be better than 2.5m. Shows how much i know!

As I’m in the UK i have no CORS data, so i’ll look for an alternative.

Out of interest, what kind of range from an RS+ base station could an RS+ rover go? I’m assuming LOS is a big deal and buildings with drastically reduce any distance?

Hi Chris, for UK there is 3 Cors that you can use like NTRIP or download RINEX files for post-process from IGS so you can register for free and the accuracy depend essentially on length of a baseline.

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