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Accuracy m+ with rs+, position, setting

(Timd1971) #22

Yeah… ACCURACY= FLAT ON YOUR FACE 5-10’ OFF THE MARK! (Hell, that’s about right then for GoogleEarth?)

(Michael Lambert) #23

Now we know what makes the earth go 'round.

(Luis Galina) #24

When using CORS not between RS / RS + should turn off glonass ar. I clarify it Igor

(Michael Lambert) #25

So they need to update their documents?

(Luis Galina) #26

base and Rover RS ​​/ RS + using glonass ar on and between CORS as a base and an RS / RS + using glonass ar off

(Michael Lambert) #27

So what’s with the doc?



Thank you for solving the problem, the TB_RTK settings are correct

(Tatiana Andreeva) #30

Hey there,

From ReachView v2.14.0 version, Reach allows GLONASS AR with non-Reach receivers. So we recommend always keeping GLONASS AR on.