Accessing Reach doc update: look for "Ampak" as well as "Marata"

doc update for Contents | RTK Modules

The Reach RS+ we have identifies itself to nmap as “Ampak Technology” and not “Marata Manufacturing”.

Hi Matt,

Thanks for your contribution!

This link is for Reach RTK docs, which is always discovered as “Murata Manufacturing”.

As for Reach RS+ device name, we noted this in the Reach RS/RS+ Quickstart guide.

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Thanks Tatiana.

Oh, I see what happened: The info about which model any given page is about is rather subtle to begin with, and disappears completely as you scroll down. The side-nav popout menu doesn’t show the page name at all.

Hi Matt,

Which menu do you mean? Side nav bar contains information about Reach model:

It’s slightly different on ReachRTK guide page. The model name is in the black part, just under the corporate logo, and not in the “this page” section in the white, as in your screenshot. This positioning makes it looks generic and not about this page.

When I opened this thread I didn’t know that RTK was distinct model, like Reach and Reach RS+. I thought I was reading a generic doc about a class of devices.

Figured out how I ended up in the RTK Guide: the link to [documentation] from the pinned Getting started with Reach topic

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