A question about communication via hotspot

Hi everybody:
This is an interesting attempt.Can i connect one Reach module to a hotspot created by another Reach module?So i will choose one of them as Base,another as Rover,and the Base will send RTCM3 to Rover via TCP.
At first, I connected Rover to Base hotspot,but i found it’s no way to access rover,so i couldn’t view if it worked well.Then i connected Base to Rover hotspot,but it didn’t work as i expected.
Do you have any suggestion for me?Thank you very much!


Sure, you can. When Reach creates a hotspot, it takes the address. To all the connected devices, it gives addresses in the same subnet, usually After connecting with your phone/tablet, you can use an app like fing, to scan the network you are in and discover all connected devices, including both Reaches.

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Thank you very much! It’s so magic!
I have connected the Base to the hotspot created by the Rover,and the Rover had the address,the Base had next will be easy.

Best wishes!

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It would be very very useful for field work and area where NTRIP corrections are needed if next version of Reach RS can integrate sim card for internet connection.

Well, we have support for USB 3G modems and we can use bluetooth for inputting correction from your phone.

really? that would be very useful. Could you give some instructions how to use USB 3G modem with Reach RS? I see only small port for charging not USB port.

Take look at these release notes here:

Would be good to have nice instructions on how to use USB 3G/4G modem with Reach RS. Kind of in need for this because using my mobile phones for internet connections were so painful.