5 minutes to obtain a Fix with NTRIP

I have the same problem. Sometimes when it fix is lost it takes 5 minutes in open space to get fix again. Connect, disconnect to NTRIP or even restart RS2, doesn’t help

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Hi Mario,

Do you work with Emlid Caster or some NTRIP service? Do you have SIM card in Reach RS2, or is it connected to a Wi-Fi?

Connecting to NTRIP service using RV2 and hot-spot on my cellphone

Sometimes I need to wait for 5 minutes to get fix. Before update, I never had to wait more then 1 minut, even in urban areas

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How far away is the CORS station?

35 km. I know that is a lot, but it is the flat reagion of my country, no mountins or evwn hills of any kind.

I was on open space, no trees or utility poles nearby

35 km is actually fine for Reach RS2. In open space, it indeed shouldn’t take that much time to obtain a Fix.

Please record Base corrections, Raw data, and Position logs on your rover for 10-15 minutes. I’ll check what’s data coming to the devices and how it looks like. Maybe it will shed some light.


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I found out that my problem is NTRIP service provider!

Connecting to diferent NTRIP service, or using onother RS2 as a base, gets me FIX in no time.
I have updated the firmware and it is the same as before.

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Glad to hear it, Mario! Thanks for sharing the result with us :slight_smile:

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