Struggle getting a Fix with NTRIP on 29 FW

Hello svetlana,
I have been having similar issues since upgrading my RS2s to version 29 firmware (haven’t tested since 29.1)
Unfortunately I have not been able to reliably connect to NTRIP caster (via cell-phone beyond 15 minutes waiting).
I tried unsuccessfully with 2 different base stations on specific days while other users experienced no challenges.
The distance to the base was between 8 & 25 km (2 different days)
On other days I connected with no challenges whatsoever

Hi Adrian,

Was it on the same survey site? Did you use the same Internet source?

Initially no. But since I was getting a fix that day i decided to re-visit the previous site and i was able to get a fix there and “tie” my survey to the national grid.
So eventually- yes
So the issue of fix/ no fix seems to be related to communication rather than location
The successful connection to the NTRIP caster was made with the same Internet connection

Do you have the NMEA log from the day? That will display the Age of Differential, which could be why your RS2 is struggling.

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I need to look at this myself!

Got you. Then, I double Christian’s questions about the logs. If you have base corrections and raw data along with the position logs, it would be useful to check.

How often does this issue repeat?

I use my receivers only once or twice a week. But it has happened about 40% of times that I have tried to use NTRIP caster. It seems rather random.

Please post a link to a video/tutorial to extract the NMEA log. Never done that before.

Hi Adrian,

Sure. Here’s the guide.

NMEA log is a Position log. Actually, you can record it in any other format, like LLH or XYZ. Also, please record Raw data and Base corrections logs. They are also needed for troubleshooting. 10-15 minutes will be enough.


Got it
Thank you

Hi Adrian,

How is your test going?

Hey Svetlana

I’m going to send a file from another attempt I had this week.

Was able to get a good on NTRIP caster with one receiver while unsuccessful with the other.

Will download and send over the weekend

Thanks for following up

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Hi Adrian,

Don’t want to push you, but have you had a chance to download the log?

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