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450mm quad build

(Douglas Liu) #65

Hello, i have a turnigy 9X controller that is capable of PPM and PWM. I have is set on PPM, when i test each motor individually, i get movement and it works(without the Navio2). But when i put everything together with the navio, i get the sounds that represent that the controller is not on or connected. From the receiver, i go from channel 3 directly into the PPM Input. Help?

(Mikhail) #66

@Douglas_Liu it is important that RC receiver supports PPM output, not controller (PPM output on the controller is for sync and connection to simulators). What receiver model do you have?

(Douglas Liu) #67

The transmitter uses PPM output, and the reciver has acknowldged that there is a coneection. Also how do i find the model of the reciver? It is the same as the one that came with the Turnigy 9X as a package.

(Mikhail) #68

@Douglas_Liu receiver that comes with Turnigy 9X does not support PPM output. You can use it together with PPM encoder or replace it with the receiver that has PPM output. Some info about the receivers supporting PPM is available here.

(Douglas Liu) #69

Hello, i purchased a ppm encoder and i installed it on the quadcopter but it will still not accept the signal. I think i have two problems, one is that the transmitter is on ppm, but the only other signal is pcm, instead of pwm. Second, may be that the Navio needs some configuration.

(Tatiana Andreeva) #71

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