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450mm quad build

(TahGoi) #49

i think you reversed the polarity…

(Tony Wall) #51

You no longer need an SBUS to CPPM converter since FrSky released the new LBT (Listen Before Transmit) firmware for all their models (looks like a legal requirement) which brings with it CPPM output support even on the X4R.

See: Choosing RC receiver

(Keith Kondapi) #53

Igor, could you please send a pic of the navio+ board for this build? I am having some difficulties with setting up the electronics. Thank you.

(Sebastian) #54

@igor.vereninov could you please make some kind of a video assembly tutorial for setting all these things up and assembling the drone?

(Nathaniel Mc Mahon) #55

Yep any detailed info or just detailed pics would be really helpful in getting our heads round the electronics. I’m awaiting a navio2 but am realising I’m going to have to do a bit of jimmying about as the Rpi3 doesn’t fit downstairs on a 450. but neither does the 4000Mah 4s lipo I bought (want to test it against my 5000Mah 3s (which fits nicely down there).

(Stephen Bunt) #56

Thanks for this tutorial, I’m using it to build my first drone!

As such, I have no ancillary kit, which battery charger would you recommend for the suggested battery? Preferably one that will cope with bigger batteries as I get more experienced and move on to other drones.

(Aleksandr Zheleznov) #57

Hi Stephen
You may use some lipo battery charger but you need to observe safety.
For example, powerful charger can be used for a little battery, but you need to observe charge rate.
Please, read this guide.

(Stephen Bunt) #58

That’s great, thanks a lot for your help.

(Douglas Liu) #59

Can someone help me regarding how you wire the controller receiver to the Navio please?
I am confused by the way the three pin wire goes into the receiver.

(Mikhail) #60

Hi! There are markings on Navio that show which pin is +, - or signal. These markings are located near the 14th RC output channel.

(Douglas Liu) #61

I have seen people do it and plugging it in is not the problem. The problem is how it can connect to the receiver. Does it all connect into the throttle or do you insert it sideways and get three channels in one?

(Mikhail) #62

Navio2 accepts PPM input (and also SBUS) which is basically a signal that packs all the channels in one line.
You can’t just plug receivers normal output channel(s) into PPM input. Look for a receiver with PPM output and then plug it into PPM input on Navio.

(Kevin Kelly) #63

Hey I have a question I was hoping someone here could point me in the right direction or answer it for me here. I have this all setup with a raspi 3. Everything is working well as I can tell. I have programmed the q-brain with the TURNIGY BESC Programming Card and then used the CCPM Servo Consistency Master to calibrate the motors, which went all fine. I was trying to figure out what I can use, or what steps I am missing from the Navio2 github, to control the motors from the raspi. Is there some drivers or interfacing software I am missing, When I connect and try to use mission planner, After connecting the servos to the PI, I am unsure how I would control the motors, as they should be already calibrated. To be honest I would like to just control them through the raspi with code, either python or C++ but I am a little confused as to what is holding me back. The servo example in the repo should be able to get me started? Or am I wrong? Like I said, if anyone could point me in the right direction, I am just confused as to why after calibrating the motors, I still seem to have trouble accessing control for them through things like mission planner, or through code, as the beeps indicate they are not calibrated even though when I plug them back in for calibration they already are, and everything seems to be working fine from that standpoint.

Thanks in advance.

(Mike Foshee) #64

@igor.vereninov when you started this thread you were using Navio+, I was planning on building mine with Pixhawk is that a mistake? Thanks in advance

(Douglas Liu) #65

Hello, i have a turnigy 9X controller that is capable of PPM and PWM. I have is set on PPM, when i test each motor individually, i get movement and it works(without the Navio2). But when i put everything together with the navio, i get the sounds that represent that the controller is not on or connected. From the receiver, i go from channel 3 directly into the PPM Input. Help?

(Mikhail) #66

@Douglas_Liu it is important that RC receiver supports PPM output, not controller (PPM output on the controller is for sync and connection to simulators). What receiver model do you have?

(Douglas Liu) #67

The transmitter uses PPM output, and the reciver has acknowldged that there is a coneection. Also how do i find the model of the reciver? It is the same as the one that came with the Turnigy 9X as a package.

(Mikhail) #68

@Douglas_Liu receiver that comes with Turnigy 9X does not support PPM output. You can use it together with PPM encoder or replace it with the receiver that has PPM output. Some info about the receivers supporting PPM is available here.

(Douglas Liu) #69

Hello, i purchased a ppm encoder and i installed it on the quadcopter but it will still not accept the signal. I think i have two problems, one is that the transmitter is on ppm, but the only other signal is pcm, instead of pwm. Second, may be that the Navio needs some configuration.

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