2 x Reach M2

Hi, i am interest to buy 2x Reach M2 with GNSS Antenna

Can i use one for base station and another for rover?

rover with pole/with drone…

can i us it that way?


Yes, the M2 can be setup as a base or a rover.

I have used it in both applications


I use both my M2’s as static receivers when I’m using the RTN with my JAVAD T2 Victor LS receiver. They are backups when I lose cell coverage with the RTN as well verification in PP the rover data even if I don’t lose RTN. With 2 M2’s and my rover, I’ve got a closed polygon and the data to verify my rover point.

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Let me add something here. You can use Reach M2 as a base and Reach M2 as a rover, there should be no issues with it.

However, please note that for each of the device you would require an external power supply, external GNSS antenna and external LoRa radio module if you’d like to transfer corrections through it in RTK. Also, placing Reach M2 on the pole might be a bit tricky as it wasn’t designed for it specifically.

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David has a nice report here using M2 and Harxon antenna


Here’s another of David’s use of M2’s using RTK


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