2 network questions


I have a laptop with 3g modem and i use reach with usb connected.

how can reach use the internet from the network with usb to etherneth over usb?

reach is
3 g modem 10. is not always the same…


how can reach stream nmea solution data to localhost (tablet)
because my gps software can only liste to localhost:xxxx


Well, you would have to either do NAT (network address translation) or bridge your network connections.

I find that odd that it would only listen to localhost. Anyway, just use another program to listen to Reach’s TCP server and rebroadcast on localhost.

i have done it like this(i used strsvr) - but maybe there is a other solution anybody knows without a new software…

well, if you have netcat on your system:

nc 9000 | nc -l 8888

where 9000 is Reach’s IP and port
and 8888 is localhost’s IP and port

I just mentioned in another post a few minutes ago that one should consider using -r with -l so it will reconnect if the connection dies.

So do I. There’s something fundamentally wrong with a network utility that only allows to connect to yourself.


It is a windows software called cerea for Autosteer. It normal works with gps on com port.
But it supports also rtklib - therefor it’s only configured for localhost. Next version will support also ip addresses…

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